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Date: 30 April 2015 15:05:49 BST
To: Желанова Наталья Сергеевна <>
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I have been investigating the points you raised with me in your SMS message of 28th April. I wish to respond as follows:

1. I am concerned at what seems to be an atmosphere that there is a problem between WADA and the Ministry in Russia over the issues raised by the ARD television programmes in December. I wish to make it clear to you and to the Minister that there is no action being taken by WADA that is critical of the efforts which I know have been made, and are being made, to improve anti-doping efforts in Russia. Minister Mutko described to me all the efforts that have been made over the last two years when we met in Moscow in February this year.

2. In addition I confirm that there are no political elements in any actions taken by WADA. After the German television programmes were shown WADA was pressed by a number of National Anti-Doping Agencies from different parts of the world to commence an investigation into the allegations made in the television programmes. Specifically to avoid any political issues, WADA decided to establish an Independent Investigation Commission and have made the necessary budget available for this work.

3. I am not involved in the daily work of the Independent Commission but I am aware that they have instructed investigators to examine any evidence which will allow the Commission to take a view on the allegations raised by the television programmes.  I was very grateful to Minister Mutko for his assurances of co-operation in these efforts.

4. I understand that the Independent Commission asked WADA to place on its website an invitation to any informed persons to inform the Commission on a confidential basis of any relevant information they may have.  I have looked to the exact wording of the entry on the website and it refers to “allegations that implicate Russia, the IAAF, athletes, coaches, trainers, doctors and other members of athletes’ entourages.” The establishment of a system which allows information to be provided on a confidential basis is a frequent part of investigations. For example, in my own country, UK Anti-Doping provide a confidential telephone line for this purpose. It took WADA some time to make the necessary alterations to the website and, as the original television programmes concentrated all their evidence on events in Russia, the Commission asked that the appeal on the website should also include a translation in the Russian language.

5. I believe that the Independent Commission will wish to speak to your Ministry after it has been able to collect an appropriate amount of information and I am sure that Minister Mutko will be pleased to continue his co-operation. It is my view that the content of the television programmes was based on a period of time that pre-dates the changes in legislation and the investment in RUSADA that have been made.

6. You will recall my efforts to ensure that there was a proper Satellite Laboratory in Sochi for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games. The resulting improvements in and confidence in the Moscow Laboratory can be seen by the intentions of FINA and the Organising Committee of the European Games in Baku to send for analysis the doping samples from the events in Kazan and Baku to the Moscow Laboratory

7. I am well aware that having an investigation being conducted in your country can be a difficult experience and this was understood when we met in Moscow as the successful conclusion of an independent investigation can only be good for the cause of anti-doping in Russia. This should in no way indicate any change in the relationship which we have built up since the World Athletics Championships in Moscow.  WADA is pleased that these relationships have survived much of the adverse publicity caused by the ARD television programmes (which is likely to continue for some time). On a personal level I value the relationship I have with Minister Mutko and I shall be grateful if you will inform him that there is no intention in WADA to do anything to affect that relationship. I will be attending the FIFA Congress in Zurich next month and will be happy to meet and to discuss any concerns he may have.

I will be happy to respond to any further concerns that may exist but I assure you that WADA is in no way adverse to all the efforts that are being made in Russia to protect clean athletes and to deliver clean sport.

With kind regards

Craig Reedie
WADA President  

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