Stellungnahme des WADA-Präsidenten

August, 26th, 2015
WADA President response to request from ARD German Television in regards to media reports:

"The Independent Commission was established in December 2014 to investigate allegations surrounding Russia. At a meeting in February 2015, Minister Mutko accepted the need for the investigation, and agreed to cooperate fully with the Commission, as the work being done by the Commission would ultimately be of benefit to Russia’s anti-doping efforts.

In April 2015, the WADA President was made aware of opinions within Russia that WADA had a political agenda against the country. The WADA President responded that the responsibility for the investigation lay entirely in the hands of the Independent Commission, and that WADA, as an organisation, had no such agenda.

Subsequent media reports that appeared in August 2015 do not reflect the reality of the situation. The Mail on Sunday newspaper articles are misleading and gave an inaccurate depiction of the WADA President’s communication with the Russian Ministry of Sport.

The Independent Commission has been, and is continuing to, carry out its work objectively and entirely independent of WADA. To suggest that WADA has any other agenda would be inaccurate and misleading.  The President looks forward to receiving the Commission’s report, which will be published shortly thereafter as set out in the Terms of Reference."  

Ben Nichols
Senior Manager, Media Relations and Communications | Responsable principal, Relations médias et communication

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